brightens autumn evenings too

tamy tipped me on these gorgeous lanterns by matthew mead some time back. well, they were for summer but they are just as apt for fall.

rose_lanternb rose_lantern

take an ikea isig lantern. with some double sided tape, line the inside of the glass with two sheets of paper back-to-back. repeat until all 4 sides of the lantern, including the door, are covered.

matthew’s decorative paper is downloadable from here.


skruvsta slipcover pattern


elsewhere, yvonne of yvestown is making her skruvsta slipcover pattern available for $15 $25 (includes one white fabric pattern fit to size, sewing instructions and postage). very handy is you’re the sewing type and want to make a funky slipcover of your own. you’ll need to email her if you’re interested in purchasing the pattern.

> go here for more info on the pattern.
> click this link to view yvonne’s cath kidston skruvsta slipcover.

update! lisa tipped me that yvonne is making her skruvsta pattern available but has to increase the price to $25 to cover shipping costs. click here to buy.