delia’s hat and coat rack

delia from the uk put together this simple coat and hat storage system, which would be great for a small landing strip.

coat rack_1
1 stolmen two-drawer chest in black-brown, measuring 110×50 cm (43″ x 19″)
1 4-pack of capita 16cm (6″) legs
1 lack floating shelf in black-brown measuring 110 cm (43″)
2 packs of 4cm (1.5″) blecka hooks

“first, i attempted to fill the bracket holes in the top surface of the stolmen chest with polyfilla mixed with black/red acrylic paint. this wasn’t entirely successful (probably the mix was too wet), so i’ll buy a piece of glass for the top and use etching spray to put one narrow stripe (or maybe two) along each underside edge of the two short sides of the glass. this will hide the holes, and protect the top. after assembling the chest, i attached the capita legs onto the underside, fixed the shelf to the wall and placed the hooks directly below the shelf.

i used only five of the eight purchased hooks and left enough space between to add more if required. a long narrow mirror below the shelf with a couple of hooks either side would also have looked good, but we need hooks more than we need another mirror.”