one bunk bed into 2 and a bench to boot



one of the wonderful things about ikea hacking is how furniture is repurposed and made useful again. that is especially true with children’s furniture.

so i love how rob turned the mydal bunk bed into single bed and even used up the redundant ladder.

rob says, “i turned a mydal bunk bed into two single beds and a kids bench. i removed the top bed, which i then attached to the walls of the room.
DSC00293 DSC00294


i didn’t need the header, footer and ladder. instead i used those remaining parts to make a kids bench.


the header and footer of the bed became the seat (with a little modification to the spacing). the ladder made the armrests and legs. i could reuse some of the original screws, and needed about 16 more (size 4x40mm) to complete the armrests.

that makes two beds and a bench for 70 euro ($129).”

Jules Yap