turn on some textured mood lighting

i really like how this mood lighting hack turned out. louise ingeniously used a place mat to create a textured casing for the grono lamp. lovely!

ikea hack lamp 5

she says, “my partner and i live in shanghai and, while we wanted some nice mood lighting for our apartment, we didn’t want to break the bank, as we’ll be leaving this city eventually and won’t be able to take all our furniture with us.

ikea hack lamp 1

the solution was a grono lamp and a sorti palm leaf place mat. i used a heavy duty cotton thread to sew the place mat together to make a tube length-ways, and then just slipped it over the lamp. it fits like a glove, doesn’t heat up and adds a little height to the lamp, so you don’t even see the white glass when you look at it from eye level.

next time i will work on doing the sewing a little better – i rushed it in my excitement and it ended up a bit crooked, but as it sits at the back you don’t really notice it.

the total cost (not including the thread which i had at home) was US$6.45. bargain!”

Jules Yap