all in one mobile workstation

harald, a graphic designer and photographer based in regensburg, germany pimps the mikael desk into an all-in-one movable workstation.

he writes, “fully equipped with dual-core, dual-monitor, sound system, triple internal lighting and a lot of cables it is an all-in-one workstation. the front is covered with transparent plastic plates, designed in half MacOS 10.5-style and enterprise console-style.
IMG_4034a_1 IMG_4036a_1 P1140673a_1
there is a stand for the subwoofer on the inside, quickly made, because nobody can usually see it. i tried not to destroy the substance of the table, but had to drill a hole in the middle, to make a cable channel. the hole is covered by the displays and the front cover.
IMG_4039a_1 P1150358a_1 IMG_4040a_1

two small wheels are attached to the front bottom, so that it can be moved around easily despite the heavy computer and monitors. only one main cable is connected and can be seen from the front of the work station.”

Jules Yap