a new bathroom for a new year

melissa is a visual merchandiser at ikea, east palo alto and does a great job with her bathroom remodel.

“this is how i took my parents’ outdated 60’s mint and cantaloupe bathroom into the present and made it relaxing, all on a budget.
DSCN3745 DSCN3747


i decided to use kitchen cabinets because of a number of reasons including the fact that there are so many more door styles and cabinet layouts plus my family is tall so the added height so we didn’t have to bend over so far to wash our faces in the sink.

a few extra touches to make the akurum cabinets work perfectly: cut about 2″ off the back half of the sink area cabinets to have a shallower, bathroom cabinet depth; cut a hole out of the right, bottom side of the tall cabinet and put it on hinges so the motor to the spa tub could be accessed if needed. the tall cabinet was the perfect solution to the lack of towel storage elsewhere in the house.

DSCN3832 DSCN3910 DSCN3911

we made it look built-in by building a sheet rocked frame all the way around it. the large drawers were also perfect for a bathroom laundry basket since my brother could never seem to get them back to his room. the korrekt handles were perfect too so that i wouldn’t be jabbing myself in the leg if i needed to lean closer to the mirror and the burken jars were the perfect size to hold my Q-Tips and cottonballs.”

Jules Yap