dennis the menace returns in an ikea stool

i grew up with dandy and beano. which is why i am so lovin this hack.

carole says, “i bought alleby (can’t find the link on ikea site) plain pine stools and personalized them with comics.

wedding garden stools 013 wedding garden stools 014 wedding garden stools 019

i stuck the comics on with PVA glue before assembling the five parts. then i coated the whole stool in PVA before varnishing it with two coats of high gloss and lastly, stuck on little felt
feet. at the end there is no trace of the original pine. the fun part is choosing which bit of the comic to use!

i have also covered stools in Financial Times, Viz, Ordnance survey maps and even painted designs on them. sold them for a time in a funky shop in stroud but, sadly, the populace was not ready for such a place and it folded!”