what are your favourite gifts from ikea?

was browsing ikea’s winter collection and feeling a little warm-fuzzy-chestnut-roasting-rudolph-red-nosey, so i thought i’ll pick out a few i like and get the ball rolling on a gift-ideas-exchange of sorts.

so what are your favourite things to give (and receive) from the big yellow and blue box? click on the comment link and share your gift ideas.

73392_PE190079_S3 73388_PE190075_S3

73384_PE190071_S3 73336_PE190018_S3

73383_PE190070_S3 73441_PE190128_S3

73434_PE190121_S3 73435_PE190122_S3

73454_PE190161_S3 73460_PE190167_S3

click to flip the online holiday brochure.

($1 s a fortune continues. with every soft toy you buy at ikea from now till dec 24, $1 goes to unicef’s save the children education fund. )