a server farm right in your living room

the axeman needed a rack to place his cisco switch and huge home server. with the faktum, he got all that he wanted.

here’s how he did it:
1. take a faktum FA703 (now akurum) tall module (eventually add more modules, to get almost to the ceiling… you’ll need some space to let warm air out, or you can use a fan)

2. the faktum width is almost equal to the width of a real rack, so the hack is very easy: cut 4 pieces of metal shelf beams that fit in the space between the two faktum ledges. there should be the right space needed to hold rack mount modules, as in picture, and all the cables are hidden behind the structure.

3. add your server, UPS, and laser printer, and structured cabling (every one has structured cabling in his flat, right? 🙂 )

4. hang the LCD monitor on the faktum module side. with a wireless keyboard with trackball, you can use the computer from the couch.


5. DONE! a little piece of server farm in your living room. and with the right screensaver, the monitor act as a nice digital frame.