A tree in the living room for your cat to climb

Barna repurposed the stolmen system into a cat tree. Here’s what he did.

IKEA hack using STOLMEN poles and shelves to make a cat tree

“My girlfriend and I live with our three cats in a smallish apartment in san francisco.

We wanted to give the cats plenty of vertical space, but we loathe both the fuzzy-cutesy look and the bulkiness/’unmodularity’ of regular cat furniture.

I was inspired by an earlier post on your site that used stolmen components and came up with our own solution.

This one has more shelf space, and the levels are not very far apart (one of our cats is limping a little). It is made of only Stolmen components, except the rugs. Though I imagine IKEA would have suitable ones too.

We currently have two of these trees set up, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.”

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