bathroom special: gorgeous sink on a bekvam

thought of doing a bathroom day! so i’ll be posting two hacks for the busiest room in the house. the first is from karen in san francisco who madeover her bathroom and hacked this cute sink. the second one will be posted later today.


“we redid our entire bathroom, and in the process, wanted to get a bowl sink on top of a dark wood table. the table we wanted was $900!!! so i decided to make my own.

i bought the bekvam kitchen cart for $49.99. before assembling, i cut the hole in the top with a sabre saw per the sink installation instructions. i wasn’t going to put the wheels on, and i sawed off the back two legs so they would be the same length as the now non-wheelies ones. i stained all of the parts with a dark walnut stain.
sink hack 1

when dry, i assembled the table without the middle shelf. i put 3 coats of clear satin waterproof stain on it since it’s in a high moisture area. i put the sink on top, caulked around it, attached a drain pipe, and had a plumber install wall faucets. groovy! and a heckluva lot cheaper than $900!

ikea hack 2

the sink and faucet are from Expo Home Design Center.”