hackeas: an instant attic, legs and kitchen utensil holders

an instant attic
kathleen created an “instant attic,” courtesy of ikea’s gorm shelves, which somehow fitted her old-style high ceiling 1920s house perfectly. the shelves rest on the molding snugly. two gorm shelves which cost her a total of $19 are used to create the additional space and they are plenty sturdy for holding bulky storage items like blankets and sleeping bags.

attic space molding

legs for the lack
sophia decides to give the lack shelving unit a little lift. she scoured the internet for brushed chrome, tubular, coffee table legs and found them on tablelegsonline.com. heck, the legs cost more than the shelf… but it looks much better.

IMG_2493 IMG_2494

andy’s magnetic kitchen utensils hanger
“i always hated the fact that most magnetic hangers can’t cut the mustard when it comes to even lightweight utensils. enter: grundtal!


i took a simple grundtal rail, and paired that with a reversed grundtal magnetic knife rack. the knife rack has more than enough mag power to hold up the rack as well as all the stuff i’m hanging on it!”