introducing hackeas! ikea hacks you can do in 30 minutes or less

borrowing a term paul coined, i am introducing a new category called ‘hackea’ which simply means a mini hack. quick. easy. painless. here are 3 to kick off!

2 lacks make one tv stand
the first thought i had when i saw this hack was, “can it stand the weight? and doesn’t it wobble?” but rob tells me “the tv weighs about 45 kg, and surprisingly the tables are steady as a rock. i tested the arrangement first by standing on top myself and jumping up and down.”

what rob did was stack two lack side tables on top of another, stuck together with blue-tack. a turntable goes between table and tv. i still think it’s risky and the tv could so easily topple over.

see more on rob’s blog.

toddler art curtain
crabmommy has a fantastic idea for showcasing your child’s art work. she repurposes an ikea deka curtain rail in order to effectively remove preschool artwork from covering every space in the house… as well as brighten up a toddler’s room!

dsc_0004 (1)

1. set up the curtain rail in the display area.
2. instead of hanging curtains off them, use the clips to display art work.

see more on cookiemag.

dalselv headboard storage
shoop is living in hong kong – not the most spacious of places – and inherited some furniture from the last tenant of her rented house. among these items is a dalselv double bed. however, due to the unusual presence of a sink in the bedroom, the bed could only be sandwiched between 2 walls, with space for only one bedside table which her partner promptly laid claim to.

she was left to stow her bedroom reading and alarm clock alternately under her pillow or down the side of the bed. so to create some storage space, she bought 2 stripa wall shelves and drilled them to the lower rail. when the pillows are propped up, the bits and bobs behind are conveniently camouflaged.”

IMG_3734 IMG_3735 IMG_3736