a vattern tv and entertainment unit

martin does a fabulous job hacking this tv and media cabinet from the vattern bathroom range.

“my original concept was to create an integrated book shelf and tv entertainment unit. i wanted a more modern bookshelf, that could hold lots of books, dvds, and decorations while hiding most of the av equipement associated with entertainment units.

ikea offers a tv bench called friel, but was too expensive for my budget. instead, i opted to use a standard vattern high bathroom cabinet and placed it on its side. i mounted six 6″ legs to elevate the cabinet, and added two vertical shelves inside for support and stability.

Ikea Bookshelves

i used an ommen glass door front with three standard hinges and two soft opening arms. one of the bonus features of using a frosted glass door front is that infared signals from dvd and receiver remote works through the glass. since i had a large wall to cover, i used two vattern cabinets, which provided a very sleek horizontal look and not to mention, more storage space. i then added two expedit bookcases to provide the storage for books and decorations. i still plan to get baskets to hold the dvds and obviously purchase a 42″ LCD HDTV.”