show ’em off! an action figure cabinet and screen

i’m back, with a brand new compaq laptop. so far it is holding out great, though windows vista is a bit of a nuisance. anyways, i’ve an action figure cabinet screen from jon for you today.


jon says, “i got inspired to make a freestanding shelving unit for my action figures and instantly thought of stripa shelves.

it might be a bit of overkill on the woodworking but it’s what i like to do in my free time: someone could just as easily use nails or screws to assemble the shelves.” the stripa shelves are sandwiched between two uprights. jon used a biscuit joiner and made slots in the stripa shelves and uprights. biscuits are then added with a dash of glue to hold them together. piano hinges link the 2 panels.

2044587201_9f46679ffa 2045380724_6232147263

see jon’s photos and instructions on making the two panels.