selamat design offer and a chat with date my house hosts

this is a totally off tangent post. no hacks. not ikea either. :O but don’t go away, it is still good stuff.

selamat designs wrote me and asked whether they could pass on a tidy little discount to my readers. well, who could say not to discounts? certainly not the bargain hunter in me. i checked out their site first, of course and their furniture pieces are pretty interesting. living in malaysia, i’ve seen rattan done to death but selamat designs have given this traditional material some degree of freshness, ie. the bon adventure collection (first row, left pic).

BonAdventure Series Reo Collection

check out their site. to get your 10% discount on any purchase at selamat designs, you’ll need to enter the coupon code SELAMATSPRING
DATE MY HOUSE'S BOB GUINEY AND NADIA GELLERnext on the list, i was recently invited to a bloggers only teleconference with date my house hosts, nadia gellar and bob guiney. the point of the show is to help sellers up the desirability of their homes in the eyes of buyers. see their top 10 rules for dating a house.

i did ask nadia and bob about the value of having ikea furniture in the home … well, sad to say, it won’t let you win big. but if you use your ikea furniture wisely and make it work, it won’t turn off your date. they do caution against using conspicuously ikea pieces too, why? check out the call.

i had some trouble with the numbers and was late for the call … 13 minutes into it. also be warned, it is 50 mins long and dotted with lots of pauses (some i thought rather uncomfortable). it’s my first (so, no stars for performance there) but i learned quite a bit about how difficult it really is to ask good questions. i never thought so, till i hear myself now and it’s ‘slap-my-forehead’ urgh. still it was fun. if you think i speak funny, that’s because i speak ‘manglish‘. hah!