Bedroom series #5: Room dividers for your bedroom

IKEA bedroom series #5 Room dividers do double duty – carve out your spaces and provide storage. Am loving this room divider hack, which really puts the Pax wardrobe system in a new light.

Pax wardrobe room divider

Phyllis is one lucky woman with a handy hubby who installed this wardrobe/room divider for her.

The beaming wife says, “My husband installed a two parallel row of Pax wardrobes as a closet system/room divider in our bedroom. We had two challenges:

1. How to finish the back side of one row of the closet shells, and
2. How to install closet lighting in a stand alone closet system for a room with carpet. Hard wire would have been really expensive.

He finished the backs of the shells with Ikea laminate flooring and silver corner trim from Home Depot. (We still need to add some artwork on this ‘wall’.)

Room divider sheathed in laminate floooring

Walk in wardroble

(By the way, the window treatment is just heavy fusible non-woven interfacing from a fabric store like Jo-Ann’s. I cut the decorative circles at the top using pot lids and dishes and it attached each piece to the window with double stick tape. It’s been up for about 3 years now.)

The Ikea lights were hooked up to an X-10 remote control lighting system that uses wireless to operate the lights. It enables me to turn on the lights from bed in the winter when it’s dark (I really like that feature.) Picture on the right is the wireless switch. The switch is not hard wired – it sticks to the shell with adhesive!

X-10 remote control for wardrobe lighting x-10 switch for wardrobe lighting

Here’s how the lighting set-up looks. The first picture below is the wall outlet for the closet lighting and in the next picture, you can see a white conduit going up the side to the top of the closet shell.

wall connection for wardrobe lighting

conduit wardrobe lighting

Below is the transmitter unit on top of the shell. There are also transformers for each fixture and a power strip.

x-10 transmitter for wardrobe lighting

x-10 units for wardrobe lighting

My husband is not an electrician by any means – he’s just a handy guy and really had no problems installing this system.”

A Bonde divider

Olivier does a divider too, but with the Bonde. He says, “Living in a (small) loft space turned out to be quite a challenge and at one point we needed to make a room divider to separate the dining space from the bedroom.

Bonde room divider

The white unit in the divider is a 4 door white Ikea Bonde unit we already had. The low unit is a 39″ Akurum kitchen wall cabinet with a frosted glass door. The cube shelf is just some left over Jarpen shelves cut up and stained to match the rest.