Vestby light filter panels


Chris uses a Vestby (right) wardrobe panel as a filter for his windows.

He says, “Probably one of the simplest hacks out there. I had the Vestby sitting in my closet for years, I never bothered calling to get the many missing parts (the cloth that covers the front of the wardrobe, the missing rod to hang clothes, etc) but was cleaning in the closet a few days ago and thought I could probably use the panels for something rather than just throwing them away.

You just gotta attach them to the window whatever way works. For the skylight I used push pins temporarily as the skylight (and all the Sheetrock around it, it’s all water damaged) is getting replaced in a few days.
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For the other window (up near the ceiling) I used a weird long hook I had in a picture hanging kit. Just one was needed to hold it in place.”

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Jules Yap