Magnetic hacks

Hanging stuff up with magnets is a great way to declutter and get more work space. These 3 hacks show how you can add a little attraction to your space.

Craft magnet
Linda makes good use of the Grundtal magnetic knife rack in her craft room.

What she did was attach the knife rack onto her wired craft basket drawers and just “stick” her crafty tools onto the strip.

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Refrigerator knife holder
Adam and Melissa didn’t have an obvious place in their kitchen to put a magnetic knife strip. They say, “The best location was the side of our refrigerator but we didn’t want to drill into it. So we took 2 Grundtal knife magnets and glued the ‘non-magnet’ faces together. You can discard the 2 cylindrical spacers that come with each magnet. We added glue and clamped it overnight to allow the glue to cure. One face sticks to the fridge while the other face is for our knives. The magnet sticks very well to the fridge — it takes two hands to pull it off.”


Mini magnetic knife holder
For Clara, a full magnetic strip wasn’t necessary. So she just added her 3/8″ rare earth and ceramic magnets to set up a mini panel for her knives.


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