Easy way to liven up a bookcase

2008 0410hack0003

Ikea furniture is like blank canvas. Add colours and ka-pow! it ain’t cookie cutter furniture from that yellow and blue big box no more. Jan does her Kilby a favour, turning the drab grey back to a mix of bright bold colours.

Jan says, “Cheapy-cheap Ikea Kilby bookcases fit the bill for my office but come with a back that is the dreariest color imaginable: putty gray. That said, when I got a second one, before nailing the back onto it, I marked it where the shelves would hit. I then painted each section a different color. It made a world of difference, changing the bookcase from merely functional to feature-able. It makes a nice showcase now and livens up a lot of previously dead, gray space. (Luckily, my original drab Kilby stays completely hidden behind my office door.)”

2008 0410hack0003
The boring Kilby

2008 0410hack0010
The snazzy one

2008 0410hack0009
Jules Yap