Jerker does it again

Happy Monday. Hope the week is starting out well for you. Thought I’ll feature 2 Fredrik (formerly the inappropriately named Jerker) desks/workbench. The desks are heaping masses of geek stuff on steriods. Not quite the space I can work with but it seems to for Aud1073cH and Steve.

Electronics tech workbench with a little bit of disco
Aud1073cH converted the Jerker into an electronics tech workbench.

Lots of stuff were added to it:
– Jerker side shelf, right side
LCD mounting arm (left side)
– 4′ long, 12 outlet power strip (on under side of shelf)
– standard 6 outlet power strip (right side of left support post)
– overhead shop light and tool bar (made of Rubbermaid shelf brackets, attached to the support posts)
– “handy box” light switch
– speaker mounts from small shelf brackets

Mirror ball to complete the look.

View the electronics tech bench on flickr (with notes).

Jerker Frankenstein
Steve runs a small software company from home. To get his set up running, he ran to Ikea and brought home the Jerker: 2 Jerker tables, the Jerker shelving unit, and several add-ons. “I loved that they were big enough for my dual monitor setup and still left me a large amount of desktop space,” he said.

I had a small TV and DVD mounted on a Jerker side mount shelf. The only problem was the DVD player was too wide to fit without running a real risk of it falling off. Since the Jerker is infinitely modifiable – I call it the Frankenstein desk, I took a walk through the as-is section of my local Ikea, and found the solution. I combined an Antonius shelf ($1), with a Summera keyboard tray (which I had and mounted the hole thing on one of the Jerker side mount shelf’s bracket.)

On the other side of the desk I needed some more shelf space for 2 printers, but again the Jerker shelf unit was discontinued. So I combined a Stolmen pole and 2 shelves. This allowed me to place the shelves high enough to clear a storage unit below it, and only required a couple of bolts and nuts. Except for the white shelves it almost looks like it was designed that way.”