Good looking banquette from the Akurum

Sorry for the spotty posting. Have been running around like a headless chicken – work, some personal projects, helping a friend set up his fish farm. It’s all good, but leaves me a little tired and sleep deprived. Hope to get back on speed with hacks today onwards.

These 2 are from Peggy who lives in Switzerland. She says, “When I have some spare time, I try to think about good solutions to my everyday life problems around the house, and when I have even more time… then I realise the projects (and sometimes, it takes weeks to get it done even if it would be a matter of a few hours to do it with nothing and no one coming in between! (I have 3 kids!)

Here’s one completed kitchen bench made with Faktum (called Akurum in the US) horizontal wall cabinets and Capita legs on which I fitted a MDF top (cut – paint – screw on).

We sat directly on the cabinets (not so good looking and a bit narrow) for about two weeks because it took me some time to get the MDF. It was fine for the kids… but it started creaking a bit under ‘adult’ weight! It was about time I finished! To make it more comfortable, the MDF is 50cm (cabinets are 40cm). I attached a long 3cm x 6cm piece of wood to the walls to support the MDF at the back. In the cabinets, I store stuff that I don’t need on an everyday basis.

The other hack is an ‘olde hack’ or ‘outdated hack’ ’cause the piece is not available anymore (and that’s too bad really! I think it was called Blista)… But I think it still illustrates an very important mathematical reality:

CD case = toilet paper roll! :o) It’s good to keep that in mind for future hacks!”