A little light reading in bed

If you’re the type who does a little reading in bed before turning in, this hack from Carter does the trick. And all for $30. Not bad indeed.

Carter says, “This hack uses a $7.99 Minde Mirror, and two $3.99 Morker table lamps from Ikea to make a beautiful framed mirror with reading lamps, perfect for over the bed.

In addition to the items from Ikea I used 1×4 wood tongue and groove boards to make the frame, angle irons to hold the frame together, 7/16′ bolts for the lights, tape for the cords, wood stain, polyurethane finish, and various screws and hanging hardware.

Simply cut the boards with 45 degree angles to size to make the frame around the mirror. Make sure the groove side is on the inside of the frame. Connect 3 sides together using the angle irons. Slide the mirror into the groove then attach the fourth side. Next, I stained and finished the wood. Be sure to cover the mirror while doing this. Once dry, drill holes where you want the lights to go and screw the lights on with the bolts. Tape the cords to the back of the mirror and frame so they hang down closer to the center. Finally, attach hanging hardware and hang on the wall.

Ikea has framed mirrors similar to this without lights that they sell for between $50 and $150. This was done with lights for less than $30.”