Hack a window seat

Amy shares her window seat with us, made from Lack shelving units.

She writes, “We used two Lack shelves to create seating for our playroom. The Lack shelves are super-sturdy, so we turned them on their sides to create window seats. We cut foam padding to fit – definitely a two-person job. We used an electric knife, and I can’t imagine anything else that would work. I used the book, Singer: Sewing for the HomeSinger: Sewing for the Home, to help with the how-to of the upholstery project.

Ikea didn’t carry canvas baskets for either of these shelves, and I thought canvas would be much more practical than Ikea’s plastic, paper, or wicker options. So, I found canvas baskets at Wal-Mart. (It was really hard to find what I was looking for!) Wal-Mart seems to carry these sizes in different colors every year during January/February. We’re enjoying our new setup!”

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Jules Yap