Lack light table for silkscreen painting

Kayobi hacked the perfect light table from the Lack coffee table.

She says, “I needed a light table to work on finding the tiny holes when hand painting silkscreens. I had precious little space in my game room/craft room. I had been using an Ikea Lack table as a workspace anyway so I decided it shouldn’t be too difficult to pull out the middle and put in some lights. Interestingly, there is a weird honeycomb cardboard support in between the top and bottom but it was no match for the power tools. A friend donated an old white plexiglass shop sign. Acetone make short work of the old paint (and my head – whew!). I took the plexiglass to another friend’s woodworking shop where he cut it to size. After buffing the corners and drilling the places where it would be screwed into the table it was ready to assemble. Three florescent desk lights fit perfectly into the bottom of the table. The whole process start to finish only took about 4 hours. I think it turned out well. I use it all the time.

Shortly after that I moved into an even smaller space and my workspace shrunk again. I bought a twin Dalselv and the light table fit perfectly behind the bed. I added a pegboard with zip ties for a dual-sided sleep/workspace. Fancy!

See more of the light table.