Make a slim and sexy entry way table

I’m loving what Monica did with a Lack wall shelf and Vika Fintorp legs – an absolutely gorgeous entry way table.

She ways, “My husband and I needed an entry way table (a landing strip by Apartment Therapy terms) and didn’t have much more than 10, maybe 11, inches of depth to work with which made things tough and hard to find a good white console table. We’re in the process of re-doing our entry way and going to wallpaper but came up with a really clever way to construct our own entry way table using a Lack shelf ($14.99) and two of the taller Vika Fintorp legs ($10 each).

Probably not a lot of instructions needed on this one, we attached the legs first, then installed the shelf with legs using the Lack mounting bar. One clever trick we found was to figure out the correct placement with the legs and slowly lean the table back, load a sharpie in each of the holes on the back of the Lack shelf and it marked the correct spot to hang the mounting bar.”