Mirrored vanity desk

Jule inherited an old piece of furniture which she deftly upgraded into a mirrored vanity. Guess mirrors and vanity do go well together.

Jule says, “I was given an old student desk which my parents bought at a garage sale before I was born. I never liked it, but it was really functional as a vanity in my bedroom. So, one day it occurred to me that it had the right shape to convert into a piece of mirrored furniture.

So, I went to Ikea for mirrors (Lots mirrors: 4 pack for $5) and new knobs (Antik: 2 pack for $5). A few cans of spray paint and some black grout from Home Depot (I was afraid to drill through the mirror, so I left a space for the knobs and filled it with grout.) All totaled it was about a $50 investment. Not including the chair, which I got the Borje chair from the “As Is” department at Ikea for $30 (the white upholstery was dirty, but nothing that a little cleaning didn’t resolve.)

I am pleased with the results and even my husband who hates mirrored furniture likes it.

· Remove knobs
· Lightly sand surface (especially the top which was damaged)
· Spray paint with glossy black paint
· Measure and cut mirrors using a mirror cutter (it take a lot of practice – my price includes the 3 tiles I destroyed trying to figure out how to cut it. Then my husband figured it out on the 1st try, so I made him cut the rest.)
· Adhere the mirror with liquid nails made for mirrors
· Fill the seams with black grout
· Put on new hardware