Need more prep space for your kitchen?

Anne figures out a smart solution for more prep space in her tiny kitchen. It may look small but it packs quite a few compartments – for recycling and even a kitty litter.

She says, “The kitchen in my rental is tiny. The space that was left after refinishing the kitchen required that I keep into account a wall ledge, baseboard heating, weak wall paneling on top of old plaster walls, and a one-inch sloping of the floor. My most important focus was to find additional space to hide away my cats litter box, and place recycling bins. Additional counter tops and storage would come in handy, of course.

I opted for Pronomen butcher block counter top, mounted on a single Vika Furusund table leg, held in place by the traditional Capita cabinet legs. This constellation allowed me to mount the opposite side of the countertop onto the wall ledge without adding additional height, which would have been the case with a traditional kitchen cabinet. The Capita legs are easily adjusted too – again, pretty helpful in the unevenly sloped floor.

The Vika Furusund cabinet or table leg offers the necessary space for my two Rationell recycling bins, as well as convenient access from the side for additional storage. I rounded it all off by hanging a left-over Ikea curtain (sorry forgot the name) on a tension rod between the wall and the table leg to provide access for my cat to her litter box. Overall, this prep space has worked out well, though one day I will have to take the time and paint it to match the rest of the kitchen.”

Jules Yap