Bedtime for Titina

Paola hacks a snooze corner for her very fat cat. It looks absolutely cushy in the Duktig doll bed.

She says, “My cat Titina is very fat, it is 9 kg and she used me like a bed. Now it is very hot so I was looking for a nice and comfortable place where it can sleep. Looking at the Italian Ikea store, I have found the Bastis Krona at €59 ($69.99) which I thought was very expensive. Looking for something else to adapt I found the Duktig doll bed at €14,99 ($19.99) and I made Titina happy!

Then I bought two Hedda Rak and sewed them smaller. So I have one cover to use when the other is dirt. I filled it with linen sold with the Duktig bed for upholstery.