From Kura to castle bed

Christy wanted to make a castle bedroom come true for her two princesses. Here’s what she did.

She says, “When it came time for our two daughters to move into the same room, we bought an Ikea Kura bed for each of them. The oldest desperately wanted a ‘sparkly pink castle bed’ but (1) the space in their shared room wouldn’t allow it, and (2) there was no way I’d spend $1000+ for a castle bed she would outgrow in a couple of years.

Enter the Kura bed. For our oldest, we turned it upside down (so the loft bed is up). Then we cut mdf to wrap the four sides, using a jigsaw to cut out the castle shape at the top and the ‘window’ in the one side. A few coats of pink paint, some faux bricks using a sponge and white paint, and a coat of sparkly paint later, and voila – a sparkly pink castle bed that is the envy of all of her friends. One bonus is that the castle sides are taller than the bed sides, so now there’s really no way she can roll out!

For our younger daughter (too young to sleep in a bunk and too young to request a castle bed–yet), we made a ‘princess bed’. This time, we left the Kura bed right side up, painted it white, and then I sewed curtains to hang on all four sides to make a lovely little princess bed. I think sewing the tabs for the curtains took longer than the rest of the beds combined!

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