What to do with your kid’s artwork

Kids can occupy a lot of space, especially their works of art. Here are two ideas how you can proudly display your child’s handiwork.

Kid’s creative corner
Terese says, “With my daughter having her art projects in every room of the house, I needed one central place for her to be creative and display her art.

1 Table Top: Vika Amon – White – 78 3/4×23 5/8
5 Table Legs: Vika Curry – Red
2 Chairs: Jules – Red/Silver
14 Containers: Beta Plant Pot – Silver – various sizes
4 Boards: Spontan – Black – 25 1/2×17 3/4

Home Depot:
2 Peg Boards 24×48 – painted black
30 J-shaped Peg Hooks
14 round spacers (adapters)
2 rolling container drawers

After putting the table legs on the table, I attached the pegboard to the wall. I used spacers behind the pegboard as to not have it flush against the wall, leaving room for the hooks. I drilled two holes in each of the
containers and put the hooks through them and then attached them to the pegboard. I hung the magnetic board on the adjacent wall next to the pegboards. I filled the containers with all sorts of supplies (crayons,
markers, glue, popsicle sticks, pom-poms, etc.). I put paper, coloring books and larger craft items in the drawers.

Kid’s artwork hanger
Stephanie says, “We have a preschooler who arrives home each day with armloads of ‘artwork’ from school. There isn’t a refrigerator door in the world that’s large enough to accommodate all that paper, so we found ourselves increasingly desperate for a way to display her work. The Deka curtain ‘rod’ is basically a length of wire suspended between two small metal posts.

Curtains hang from the wire via tiny dangling clips. These little clips also happen to do a great job of displaying our daughter’s art collection:

We used a stud finder to locate our walls studs so we could mount the curtain hardware directly to the wall without needing drywall anchors. Took five minutes, cost five bucks.”

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