Quick and easy cat litter box

Stacy hacks a quick one for her cat.

I live in Europe, and the rooms here are quite small, and without a second bathroom – so we had real trouble figuring out a place to put our cat litter box. We loved the litter box hacks that we saw on the Ikeahacker blog, but at the end of the day, we didn’t want a litterbox in our living room or bedroom. All the covered boxes we bought had huge domed lids which didn’t fit under our Euro sink, and our big American 14lb. cat could barely even fit inside them anyway! My husband had the idea of using a lidded storage box, and we found the perfect item in the Ikea Snalis storage box. We cut out an entrance with a utility knife, and we originally had a plastic mat as a door — which our cat hated, so now we just leave it open. There is plenty of room for our big boy inside, and its flat lid fits under the sink perfectly. It’s a tiny little hack, but it works great!”

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