Screen printing exposure unit with a Vika Artur leg

An Ikea trestle leg makes a useful tripod for Carolina’s home screen printing unit.

She says, “I wanted to do screen printing at home and needed an exposure unit. But since I am not very good at building things, I took an Ikea table leg (Vika Artur) and screwed two 500W lamps on it. The Ikea table leg was on special at $10 I think and the lamps cost around $15 each (found them at the Rona, for all you Quebecers out there, a hardware store). The length between my screen and the lamps is 24 inch which is perfect for screen burning. I have placed my coated screen on the tray, under it there’s a foam cover with black paper, over it there is the transparency and a cheap frame glass ($20 at Canadian Tire, this was more expensive but I wanted the frame for something else). For now, I only did a time test. And with a white mesh small screen cover with speedball emulsion, it takes 5 min to burn my screen. I pretty happy about my end result.”

Jules Yap