Spin it with some colour

A dash of colour adds some zing to the Expedit. Steve’s Expedit vinyl station is definitely looking hot.

He says, “I’ve put this together over the last few weeks. It’s an Expedit bookshelf that’s modified for use as my turntable listening station. I ordered fire engine red contact vinyl from Ebay and covered the inner shelves (my skills from years of gripping skateboards came in handy). The lights are Ikea Dioders (I still have to clean up the wiring) and those are 6″ Capita legs on the bottom. I’m pretty happy with it.

The only thing I’d do differently the next time around is to use automotive grade vinyl rather than contact paper vinyl. The heavy automotive vinyl is a little more difficult to cut but it’ll hold up better over time and is available in many different colors.

See more of Steve’s vinyl station on flickr.

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