Creating a DVD wall with lighting

I love what Eric did with the Anno Stra panel curtains. Indeed a bright spark! Lights between the DVD towers, who would have thought of that?

Eric shares:

A CD or DVD wall with lights made of:
6 Benno DVD towers

3 Anno Stra Panel curtains
5 Grundtal Spotlights (2 sets needed)
2 panels 250cm x 25cm (98″ x 9.8″) for top and bottom
2.5m (8.2′) round wood (from a broomstick)

I cut the panel curtains on the long side to get 2 curtains out of 1.

Each curtain is now 23cm (9″) large. I fixed the Benno DVD tower on the 2 long panels with 24cm (9.4″) space in between for the curtains.

The spots are installed on the bottom panel between the DVD towers. I glued a piece of round wood at both ends of the curtains and fixed one end at the top panel. The wood at the lower end acts as a counterweight to keep the curtains tight.