Customised bay window desk

Lee does a customised desk to fit a bay window using a Plywood panel and two Ikea Apa storage boxes.

He says, “I had a big trestle table in my bedroom that I was using as a computer desk. Behind my bedhead was a bay window, which was wasted space. I decided to build a custom-fit desk to use that space and claw back some space for myself. I had a thick plywood top custom-cut very cheaply, then used two Ikea Apa storage boxes as the legs. By leaving the inserts out of the narrow sides, I have made spaces for my two
towers that I can easily get at.

I covered the leftover panels with the same fabric I used on the plywood top to make two folding screens. These sit outside of each box and hide my computer cables and a waste bin. I used the lids of the two storage boxes as extra legs in between the two boxes. I now have a great computer desk and about 2 1/2 square meters of extra space in my bedroom.”