Colour my kitchen!

Dawn redecorated her kitchen a couple months ago, with a clever idea for her kitchen walls.

She says, “Living in an apartment, I’m limited in what adjustments I can make, but I was bored with my kitchen’s honey colored cabinets, dark green counter tops, and ivory walls. I wanted a color on the walls and to take advantage of some under cabinet storage space.

My solution?

Add color by sandwiching a piece of bright orange and red Fredrika fabric into a basic Clips frame, which fits neatly into the area between my cabinets and stove. (The areas to the side of the stove have long rectangular frames of the same style from a craft store.)

For an accessory rack I used a tension curtain rod (non-Ikea) wedged between the cabinets. A couple Bygel baskets and a Kalmar container hang perfectly from it to provide storage space. Voila! A similar plan on the opposite wall above the sink pulls the look together.”