Hackeas: A little embellishment goes a long way

Desk and wall art
Jennifer needed a desk for her guest room, but had little space. She says, “I saw the Norbo wall mounted table at Ikea and knew I could do something with it. I was on a very tight budget and decided to spend my money on other items. The next time I went to Ikea. I found the same desk (missing one screw) for 1/3 the price in the As-is section (my favorite). I painted it in my kooky way and then mounted it to the wall.”

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Paper napkin it

Lydia hacks lots of these chests and frames as presents. She says, “I’ve improved the looks of some of the mini-chests with the effective paper napkin technique. I’ve done many of them, some with asparagus, strawberries and gardening utensils. I use the latter to keep my secateurs, seeds, string and other small things I need for gardening. The nice old-fashioned look comes from applying two layers of paint with crackle glaze in-between.

My golden angel key cabinet which has been refurbished with the same method.

Then there are some pictures of my object frames. Since I’m absolutely fond of lighthouses it suggested itself that I created some lighthouse sceneries, and I think I was quite successful. I simply glued the pictures (taken from old calendars) into the frames as a background and used sand, sea shells, seaweed, etc. to decorate the foreground.

Dress up your wardrobe too
Heidi jazzes up the plastic panels on the Aneboda drawers and wardrobe. She says, “I just used Japanese paper/tissue paper and gift wrapping paper to decorate my Aneboda drawers and wardrobes and make their ‘sterile’ look into something more fitting to my bedroom.