IKEA TULLSTA chair cover reimagined in 2 fresh new ways

The IKEA TULLSTA armchair is one of the most enduring armchairs in IKEA’s range. It’s compact and easy to place.

The curve lines give it a timeless feel.

Another great feature is the removable slipcovers so it’s easy to keep clean. And you can quickly change the color and style to suit your current home decor. But if the TULLSTA chair cover range at IKEA does not rock your style, you can DIY your own slipcover or even paint over the existing chair cover with custom painting.

1. IKEA TULLSTA Patchwork chair cover

IKEA TULLSTA chair cover in blue

Ele does a pretty patchwork cover for her IKEA TULLSTA armchair.

She says, “I re-upholstered it with a patchwork of fabrics including several with lino block I printed myself. Then, I painted the scuffed legs white. I cut off the fabric and used it to make a pattern.

At first, I re-used the original zipper for the cushion but then later, I trashed it as it was neither nice nor clean.

For the patchwork pattern, I used a combination of new fabrics, thrifted fabrics (corduroy, cotton, upholstery, an old pair of pants and a men’s shirt, etc.), and block-printed fabrics. I used lino block prints of the oudjat eyes, radiolarians, jellyfish, frog and lily pad, koi, seahorse, walrus, dragon, and blue whales. Oh, I also used one old screen print of the sun.”

IKEA TULLSTA chair cover in patchwork design

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~ by Ele

2. “Wild Things” Inspired Art on IKEA TULLSTA Armchair

When I was asked to decorate a plain canvas armchair from IKEA, the thought that came immediately was Maurice Sendak and his amazing book, Where the Wild Things Are. We had a blast sketching and reimagining this chair with all creatures big and small. The hardest part was knowing when to stop!


  • Pencils
  • Permanent or fabric markers
Wild Things Jungle theme on Tullsta cover

The first step was to use a pencil and lightly sketch jungle-themed trees, vines, and tall grasses onto the canvas chair.

I asked the children to draw in animals or monsters hiding in the jungle.

Then, we colored the drawings using permanent markers. You can also use fabric markers. Let the canvas color act as the sky, leave it uncolored. Admire your beautiful work and have a seat!

IKEA TULLSTA chair cover - painted

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~ by Doris Huntington, NY