Shoe box speakers

Mike hacks this handsome set of speakers from a shoe cabinet. Sounds like a great way to turn waste into wonderful.

He says, “I had no further use for the Ikea shoe cupboard (name unknown) but really liked the birch veneered panels and realised that they would make a great match with my Hi-Fi unit and Benno CD/DVD storage. I therefore decided to make a pair of speakers using Fostex FE83e units , and the Fostex DBR design. I wanted to preserve the panels as untrimmed as possible to save the nice veneered edges, so needed to do a little work with a spreadsheet to calculate revised sizes, retaining the overall design volumes. Some work with a saw and glue, and some carpet underlay, yielded the pictured speakers. You can see that they match the colour and style of my other Ikea items very well – and they sound great, especially now they are powered by a Sonic Impact T amp.”


Can I hack the Merlion?
Last week I had a marvellous time meeting a hacker, Luthien. It’s strange that it took me almost 3 years to finally meet a hacker face to face. We had teh tarik (pulled tea), great conversation, a leisurely stroll through Ikea pointing out stuff that are potential hacks, rounding it up with hotdogs and ice-cream. I had so much fun and am kinda itching to meet more hackers, to make up for lost time. Hah!

So … my next stop is the Lion City. This is especially going out to all you hackers (and non-hackers. It’s ok, I still love you) lurking in Singapore. I’m going to be in your city from Tuesday (26th) for a week and if you’re game to come up for air, shoot me a mail at ikeahacker (at) gmail (dot) com. And yeah, what else to do ah, besides Orchard Road and the usual tourist traps?

Merlion photo by Wolfgang Sladkowski

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