Tip: Parallel mounting for a Deka wire

Mark solves the problem of mounting the Deka curtain wire parallel to the wall.

He says, “My daughter has lots of rosettes, from horse shows, that she likes to display in her bedroom. In the past my wife has hung ribbon on the wall using “drawing pins”, but this looks untidy and leaves holes in the wall/coving. After redecorating her room I had the bright idea of using Deka curtain wire and duly bought some, a snip at £2.79 each. However when I went to fit them I spotted a fatal flaw in my plan, or lack of plan.

The Deka wire is designed to go between two walls, and (a) the wire was too short for the room and (b) I didn’t want the wire across the full width of the room. What I needed was to mount the end pieces parallel with the room. Alternatively I guess I could use some Dignitet corner pieces.

The solution was to use some small brackets to mount the Deka end pieces on, ultimately this could be disguised using some wood etc. Using these brackets gives all the advantages of the Deka hardware but with the added flexibility of being able to adjust the length. Obviously this doesn’t just work for hanging rosettes but for anything you might want to hang from a Deka wire, even curtains.”

Jules Yap