Billy can play too

Hacks today are for the kiddos. I’m posting this from Jodie, who takes little Billy to play in the kitchen. Check in again this afternoon, more kid kitchens coming up.

She says, “I created this play kitchen for my son out of a older model Billy low bookcase (much like the Billy/Nyckelby available today). I removed the cabinet doors and readjusted the shelving to the right ‘counter’ height for my little guy. A friend helped me drill/cut a few holes for a rimmed stainless sink basin (a mixing bowl from a kitchen supply store), a sprayer and oven knobs (from the hardware store), and real faucet (from our local Habitat for Humanity re-sale store -$2). Then stocked the kitchen with tableware, cookware, appliances and food. The burners are black plastic coasters. The “backsplash” is the Busig placemat. LCD light over the range.

Traby play kitchen
And this one’s from Sara, via Apartment Therapy. (Thanks Chris, Carrie!).
The main unit is from a Traby shelf unit, with loads of other Ikea knick knacks to make up the kitchen.

See instructions for Sara’s play kitchen.