Conglomerate media desk

T. Hutchinson marries a countertop with a table top for a work and media space.

He says, “I wanted a sleek desk for a while, but wanted room for my turntables nearby and some storage. Not only did I put together both, but managed to hide the ugly cords pretty well.

The desk at the left is a Pronomen countertop in the discontinued depth of 18″. My girlfriend had the idea of using 3 legs, and we went with the Vika Inge. I already owned the simple black table with adjustable Vika Kaj legs, which puts the turntables at a good height and clears the filing cabinet. The corner is my favorite part: a Vika Furusund “leg” unit that fits records at the back, and hides my power strips in the front. It’s tidy but still easy to get to stuff. I have my less-used stuff plugged in on the top shelf so I can switch it off. The wall shelves are Antonius hardware, with shelf boards I had around and shortened.

Next to the computer, I have some nesting trays for a compact charging station. I’ve managed to find USB charging cables for my portable devices: IPod, phone, camera, bluetooth headset, and wireless mouse.I plugged those into a USB hub that came with a power adapter, and I was planning to use it in another room without a computer. It fit nicely by my desk, and my computer supplies USB power when off. Super handy and efficient, no bulky wall adapters. Oh, and that’s a Gregor chair. Not very comfortable, but most office chairs look too futuristic for me. The lamp is a Lack LED lamp, with an Erserud lampshade over it. Haven’t gotten it to stay in place very well yet.”