Hacked desk from Mikael drawer units

I will be posting some work station and home office hacks today and tomorrow. This first one is a home office redo from Matt Gusler. It’s a big improvement, with almost double the space and a lot less clutter. The hidden CPU is also way cool. Check in later today for a compact printer rack.

The old office that needs a makeover

Matt explains, “I created this desk from 2 Mikael drawer units, one Vika Furuskog tabletop and 2 boxes of Capita 4″ legs. Additionally, I used 6 replacement drawer pulls, a few mending plates and a couple of L-brackets: all purchased at a hardware store located conveniently next to the Ikea.

As an added feature, I knocked out the drawer bottoms and backs on the left Mikael unit and used it for storing/hiding my PC. Construction was simple. I built the Mikael units and measured where I wanted my desk top to go. I put it in place and secured it with L brackets. Using only the front and sides of the drawers on the left unit, I attached them together using mending plates and a couple of screws. I then used 3 coats of ultra clear polyurethane on the top and edges of the desk. For added protection, I use a Projs Desk Pad protector where my keyboard rests. Even the mouse pad, bamboo and bamboo vase came from Ikea.

The rug is from Ikea too….so are all the shelves. And the trash can. I’m pretty sure the only non-Ikea furniture is the chair! Jeez. Sorry about gritty picture quality, our camera is on it’s way out and needs replacing.”


See more of Matt’s desk job on his blog. Photos can also be found on Flickr in this album.