Ikea blue shopping bag into messenger bag

My local Ikea has just started to turn green. (Yeah, we’re slow.) So no more free plastic bags. Everyone is encouraged to buy one of the blue Frakta bags and bring them along whenever they shop. I think it’s great and I love my blue Frakta bags. Sturdy. Roomy. You can sling it or carry it. I keep one in the car to haul groceries and whatever I buy. I have another at home for laundry and bring recyclables to the centre.

But the Frakta is more than just a plastic bag replacement. Sara has made it into a really cool messenger bag. I want one!

She says, “I made a small messenger bag out of one of the large blue Ikea bags last night. Apart from an Ikea bag, it is also made of a couple of buckled straps from a bike rack, an old inner tube (for the rubber on the base of the bag and the piping around the opening) and reflective strips from an old hi-viz jacket. Oh, and lots of swearing from getting pins in my fingers!

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