One for fat candles

Clive makes a few modifications to the Skimmer candlestick to allow it to hold large stubby candles.

He says, “I’ve just hacked an Ikea Skimmer candlestick, to complement an existing candle stick I’d made from scratch (the tall one).

Skimmer hacked for spike-style candles

Stage 1, with the top bezel sprayed black, and with a screw fixed in upside down to act as a spike to hold the candle in place. I’ve fixed the screw in by pouring some molten lead in there!

Stage 2, with this arrangement sprayed black to match – in this format it can be used to hold a simple spike-style candle

Stage 3, with an enlarged drip tray in place (made from an old tin lid sprayed black). This is simply screwed into place via a drilled centre hole. In this format it can hold a larger, stubbier candle.”