Ordning cutlery stand lamp

Andrew pairs an old lamp base with the Ordning cutlery stand for a one of a kind lamp. Not bad for salvaged stuff.

Andrew says, “This lamp was put together with a found 1950’s – 60’s timber lamp base and a couple of found Ordning cutlery stands (they throw out a lot of interesting stuff around Bondi!). The original shades had long since disappeared. All that was required was to make a hole in the middle of the Ordning (drill it first and then ream out the hole to the right size with a circular file), unscrew the sleeve that originally held the lamp shades, pop the modified Ordning on and screw the sleeve back in to hold the new shade in place.

If you use clear tungsten bulbs (not those energy saving ones!), the shadows it casts are rather good. The flexible arms are a bonus and can make it a nice lamp for reading. I first made one of these for a friend about 10 years ago and was delighted to find that it qualified as an Ikea hack.”