A really slim coffee table. Great if you have a small space and need something to just fit right in.

KayJay says, “It’s fairly small and not a functional for someone with a large space. My living room area is tiny. I mean… HELLA TINY… like, five steps wide tiny. So, I needed something to act as a coffee table that could hold a drink/remote/magazine, yet still offer me enough room to maneuver and not trip over it all the time or feel overwhelmed.

In my old apartment I had a 39 3/8″ Grundtal tempered bathroom shelf that I loved. In January I moved to this new apartment that was newly remodeled and showed nearly zero signs of wall studding. I didn’t want to disrupt the walls too much so I chose not to use the shelf. I *almost* sold the shelf at a garage sale when, a day later, I came across this posting for a makeshift coffee table. I was in great need of a coffee table of some sort so I headed straight to Ikea to find a Mossby shelf. Whatdya know? They were plum out of Mossby shelves.

Remembering I had the tempered glass from the bathroom shelf I bought a piece of their basic unstained wood shelving for, like, $3.50 and Bjarnum shelf brackets. I took the items home, covered the shelf in $1.99 paper from a craft store and set the tempered glass atop with glue dots. Took about twenty minutes to create the table.

Jules Yap