Cozy workstation for tiny alcove

Joseph Rosario sneaks in a desk in a tight alcove, balancing one end on top of a Mikael drawer unit.

“I was looking for a desk to fit in this small alcove where a small tv stand used to sit. Originally I wanted to go for something big and simple (like the big Mikael desk with glass top). But the 47″ width that I had to work with drastically narrowed down the selection of desks I could choose from. Finally I found that I could just barely fit the Vika Amon table top. For some added storage, I was going to sit one half of the table top on the Mikael drawer unit (w/o casters), and the other half with Vika curry legs. But the height sizes didn’t match properly, and the table top would fall rather short. So I opted to raise it with two Vika adjustable legs and Capita legs. It brought the desk up to a very comfortable 30″. Paired with a Fagrabo red Patrik visitor chair, my workstation is complete. The desk components added up to $20 + $60 + $15(x2) + $10 = $120. Not too shabby.”