Skruvsta office chair makeover

Maya turns the Skruvska swivel chair into quite a stunner.
“I bought a badly-scuffed white Skruvsta office chair in the “scratch-and-dent” section of Ikea in Israel, as well as some fabric remnants. I used these remnants to recover this chair entirely, adding some extra padding to the chair cushion. I initially covered it without batting, but the seams of the chair showed through, so I covered the entire chair with a layer of batting… and now it feels much cushier! I fitted the fabric to the chair by stapling it on and drawing the outlines of the pieces I wanted to sew, then pulling out the staples and sewing the pieces of the cover together. It’s stapled down on the bottom but the cover would not be hard to remove and wash. Now the chair makes me smile whenever I see it, and it’s more comfortable to boot.”